Riding out the storm and kicking ass!

Life has been stormy over the last few weeks but I’ve got 89 days of sobriety and thankful for everything that comes and goes in my life.

My grandma passed away a week ago and my heart hasn’t hurt this bad in a long time. Feeling thankful for all the time I’ve spent with her over these past few months. I miss the simple things like being able to pick up the phone to just tell her I was thinking of her.

Another huge event is we are moving 200 miles away from family and friends. My hubby had accepted a job offer with his work to relocate. We are all very excited for this new adventure but shit gets real after seeing the last moving truck take the rest of our stuff away yesterday. So many memories in our home over the last 15 years. We brought home 3 baby girls and watched them grow but it’s time we have new adventures and memories in our new home in SLO Cal. Crazy thing is I went to school at Cal Poly and when I left there at 22 I had no idea I’d be moving back 20 years later with a family.

I’m feeling good and have worked on digging deep again the past 3 months in my outpatient treatment program. I think blogging will be huge in this transition of life so I hope I don’t drive anyone crazy! Looking forward to updating you all on our new adventure!


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