Thirsty Thursday

Thursdays are typically the days that quickly go sour for me. I play tennis for a league on these days and after a large group usually heads to lunch and that’s when the trouble starts. A glass of wine leads to my poison of Redbull vodka and eventually I think I grow wings but I’ve blacked out by now and I manage to get home, pick the kids up and try to get my shit together before my husband gets home from work, that is if I can fool the kids first. The kids couldn’t be fooled any longer. They were as sick of it as my husband. 

Today was different and I loved different. I need different. Played tennis, we won. I socialized briefly at the club, the other ladies made lunch plans and I did what I needed to do to stay out of my own trouble. It wasn’t even that hard. The result has been awesome and I feel great about myself. A sobriety high. I’ll take it!!! Bring on 21 days tomorrow!!!! 3 weeks!