Wonder Woman…why am I so into “signs”?



Wonder Woman is an alcoholic? Yep! Just came across an article that Linda Carter has been sober for 18 years. Shit! She really is a super hero.

“I wasn’t really present for my two children, though my kids never saw me out of control,” -Linda Carter

Wish my kids had never seen me out of control! It’s interesting, I bet 3 out of 5 days when I pick my daughters up from school, they start to study my eyes & face as they approach the car. They’re checking to see of Mom is pick them up or that alcoholic they are not fond of, you know, mother one with the crazy eyes. I can’t let this bother me. After all, I did this to them. I created this break in the trust that should never be broken between a parent and child. If I have to spend the rest of my life ensuring I’m sober, then that’s what I will do. I’ll do anything to make them feel confident that I’m present as a Mom. I don’t crave a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous because the ocean is jealous! My love for them is deep.

My eldest daughter, “M” is working on a state report of Arizona. The sign here is that Linda Carter is from Arizona and M featured her as a celebrity from AZ. I didn’t think 2 weeks ago as I was looking at M’s power point presentation that I’d be reading an article about Wonder Woman having 18 years of sobriety. If “signs” give me little boosts during my sobriety, I’ll take ’em!

Any of you into “signs”?



Counting My Rainbows, Not My Thunderstorms

Yesterday was one helluva day!

  • 3 weeks of sobriety
  • I turned 41
  • I counted my rainbows, not my thunderstorms
  • I realized and remembered how good sobriety feels

My day started off by getting downstairs to find the coolest beach cruiser ever!!!! Orange and black because I am the biggest SF Giants fan in NorCal! A gift from the girls and my hubby.

Went to workout with my trainer, it was leg day. It sucked but when I leave, I feel great! It’s a gorgeous day, sunroof open, windows down…. 70 degrees in March. Yes! Played a little bit of tennis, met my Mom for the best pedicure ever, picked up my 3 Chix from school and went on a bike ride. Hubby got home and we all ate pizza & watched Boyhood. Low key, just what I asked for and it was perfect!

This was the first day in a very long time where I literally soaked in all it had to offered and brought on. I lived in the moment, didn’t think about next week, didn’t look at the time, just lived right in that exact moment of time. The way more days should be spent. I also realized that the number of rainbows in my life kick ass over the few thunderstorms I’ve experienced. And without the thunderstorms there would be no rainbows. The little things are far more important than anything huge!